Oh-La-L.A. Staycation Ideas For The Ladies Of L.A.

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Grab your mateys ladies! This is a list to inspire our pirates that call Los Angeles their home port! You don't always need a far-flung destination to have the thrill of travel and this list of attractions and activities are all close enough that you'll be able to rally your best crew for more than the standard round of sea-chanties after a long days work.

  1. Sunset Horseback Riding
  2. See a side of Los Angeles that's hard to imagine exists when you're stuck in the daily grind. Off in the Santa Monica Mountains, you can revisit your childhood horse obsession and ride into the sunset with your best gals. Los Angeles Horseback Riding has picked out the best trails for moonlit rides or sunset splendor. They have a range of prices for the different trails including economy ride offers but you have to call for the pricing.

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  3. Laugh It Up
  4. Check out either of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater locations for as little as $5 a show. The UCB has a long history of being the training ground for the comedians we all learn to love on the big screen. Pro-tip on this deal, show up early because tickets can't be bought in advance and demand is high. You can check out the vibe of one of their regular shows "Put Your Hands Together" via podcast, a stand-up show hosted by two lady comedians. After catching a show you can Pho-sure eat your puns at one of the many of the punny Vietnamese restaurants of Los Angeles.

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  5. Get Over L.A.
  6. Literally get over the city you love by gaining a little altitude over the nearby mountains. Taking a staycation or a vacation is often about getting some perspective. What better way to do that than from a hot air balloon? There are many hot air balloon services to choose from but we recommend the vistas in Palm Springs or Temecula? Beyond the city's famous smog, you can enjoy the clean air provided by a little altitude while you cruise over the beautiful vistas of the Coachella Valley. Starting just under $200 per person this makes for a stunning group outing.

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4. Aeriel Perspective Without The Hot Air

For a more modest price tag, you can hop on the aerial tram which runs through the Chino Canyon for only $25 with this coupon. Enjoy the view from the tram and then from Peaks Restaurant at 8500 ft. Your dinner game will reach all new heights, there's no way your friends will top this pick.

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5. Dine Over The Ocean

Stroll down a pier that's also a favorite fishing and dolphin watching location and you'll find the Malibu Farm Cafe (4.5/5 on TripAdvisor). This restaurant strives to serve up special season sustainable dishes farm-to-table. In L.A., the slow and local food trend is almost as easy to come across as a traffic-jam but this cafe is in a league of its own in flavor and personality. The stylish cafe sets the tone for your meal with the sea breeze and the crashing of the waves. You'll be ready for a zen day on the beach after this brunch.

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6. Take to the Slopes

Snow isn't the most common thing for Los Angeles to experience, but even if you're all about the sun and surf down to your toes wiggling in the sand it doesn't mean you can't enjoy some seasonal snowy fun! Less than a two-hour drive from the city are the ski slopes of Bear Mountain. Group packages are available for you and your crew, and if you're new to the slopes they offer lessons. The post ski jacuzzi or massage is the perfect unwind, but nothing will bond you to your best bud like the anticipation while you're on the lift up!

The Big Bear area is a popular retreat from Los Angeles year around and has accommodations for your groups weekend getaway even if you're indulging in one of the many other recreational activities the area has on offer. But if you're hitting the slopes what could be more perfect than renting a little log cabin lodge for your group's snowy getaway.

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7. Get Dirty

Join "Club Mud" at the Glen Ivy Hot Springs (4/5 on Trip Advisor) and book your group a cabaña to continue the indulgences. The mud bath at this spa has a cult following, because of what it does for your skin but also because it is such a good time. Steeping in a mud bath with friends is going to lead to laughs we promise. Though we recommend the mud bath you can also indulge in one of Glen Ivy Hot Springs many other spa treatments, there's no wrong choices when you're crafting your spa day schedule with your friends.

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8. Obligatory Winery Tour

If you live in California, you aren't doing it right until you've taken yourself out into the bounty of California's wineries. There are many to choose from but for a truly unique wine tasting experience head out on the Malibu Wine Safari! You'll explore the Saddlerock Ranch & Vineyard, which boasts more than 1,000 acres and is home to zebras, camels, bison, giraffes, and more! You'll be driven around the grounds stopping for wine tastings and interactions with the animals. You can even match this outing with the Malibu Farm brunch for a truly indulgent weekend getaway with the girls.

Oh-La-L.A. Staycation Ideas For The Ladies Of L.A.

If you're not an Angelino you can strike out on these adventures during your next vacation!

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Oh-La-L.A. Staycation Ideas For The Ladies Of L.A.