OK, We've Ranked NYC's Airports From Worst To Best

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Chances are, if you're reading this, you've had the great fortune to pass through one of the three major airports that service New York City. We are being sarcastic, of course. JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark are consistently rated as three of the worst airports in the United States.

We've attempted to objectively rank these airports from worst to best. Check out the list below.

3. LaGuardia Airport Is The Worst

Oh LGA. How do we loathe thee? Let us count the ways. There's the constant haze of drywall dust pervading its halls and never-ending sounds of power tools. There's its reputation for having the worst percentage of delays and cancellations in the country. And there's the fact that it's really only reachable by bus, and taking a bus through NYC at rush hour is our personal hell on Earth.

OK, We've Ranked NYC's Airports From Worst To Best - 4

2. John F. Kennedy International Airport Is Not Great

JFK is, for the most part, not entirely bad. While it's still not close to midtown Manhattan, at least you can take the AirTrain to the subway rather than taking a bus. There are decent restaurants, we guess. But the thing that kills us is trying to get through customs. If you land at a bad time, prepare to spend at least an hour, maybe two, trying to get through passport control. Guess that $100 fee for Global Entry doesn't look too bad now.

OK, We've Ranked NYC's Airports From Worst To Best - 2

1. Newark Liberty International Airport Is Kinda OK

There are three reasons why Newark is at the top of this list. First, you can take the Northeast Regional train from the airport to Penn Station, Manhattan in only 30 to 40 minutes. That's fast by NYC standards. Second, it's in New Jersey, so it's less full of itself. And third, we love Terminal C. It cost $1.4 billion to refurbish, and if that's what it costs to let us order all our food and beer from an iPad without ever talking to another human, we'll take it.

OK, We've Ranked NYC's Airports From Worst To Best

How Would You Rank Them?

Would you put La Guardia at the top of your list — or is Newark at the bottom for you? Let us know how you'd rank them down below.