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Need Some Color In Your Life? Then Check Out These Five Cities To Celebrate Pride In!

Need Some Color In Your Life? Then Check Out These Five Cities To Celebrate Pride In!

We’re about half way through Pride month and although many cities celebrations have come and gone, that doesn’t mean the party is over! Many cities have yet to begin their wonderfully queer festivities, which means you still have plenty of time to prep your glitter and hot pants before the parade comes to town. So, if you’re looking to celebrate, but don’t know where to go, then check out these five cities where you still have time to celebrate your rainbow pride.

Gay Pride Parade Flags At London Pride

1. Denver, CO—June 15-16

We hope you’re ready to party all weekend long in the Mile High City cause Denver is going to be putting on an absolutely fabulous smorgasbord of festivities. Saturday the 15th will be filled with tons of fun family activities including live music, over 200 vendors, and performances from Todrick Hall, Lady Bunny, and drag race alumni Peppemint and Yvie Oddly. Miss Cynthia Lee Fontaine will also be taking over the U.S. Bank Latin stage to strut her stuff and boast her queer Latina pride. If this all wasn’t enough, then on Sunday morning at 9 AM sharp the Pride Parade will start its procession from Cheesman Park and make it’s way through the city during the day. Just be sure to remember your glitter and body paint!

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Woman With Silver Hair  Holding Gay Pride Flag At Pride Parade

2. Toronto, Canada—June 21-23

Looking to try something a little different and see how our neighbour to the North celebrates their queer pride? Then Toronto is where it’s at! There are technically 10 days worth of festive activities, events, and parades including the Trans March, Dyke March, Family Pride and the pièce de résistance on the 23rd, which is the main Pride Parade. In the ten day span you can expect to find all kinds of events including drag balls, dance parties, live performances, panels, and conferences all focused on gay culture and issues. Whether you’re looking to fight the power or dance til you're dead, then Toronto Pride has everything you’re looking for.

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Gay Pride Parade In The USA

3. Chicago, IL—June 22-23

This year the Windy City might blow you away with their Pride plans! Expect a wonderful day outdoors filled with performances by live DJs, bands, dance crews, the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus, and world renowned drag queens such as Pabllo Vittar and Morgan McMichaels. There will of course be drag shows galore and there’s even a pet parade for those of you who want to bring along their furry companions! This of course includes your garden variety human pets as well—looking at you guy in the latex dog suit. ;) No matter what you’re looking for, this Pride parade has got it all!

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Gay Pride Parade In The USA

4. San Francisco, CA—June 29-30

San Fransisco is definitely known for being one of the queer capitals of America since they were the first US city to elect an openly gay official, Harvey Milk, and legalize gay marriage, which means they're obviously going to be putting on a wild party to celebrate their rainbow pride. Throughout the weekend there will be live performances given by iconic drag queens, speakers talking about queer rights and progress, as well as plenty of musical, dance, and theatrical acts that will blow you away. Plus besides the festivities, the city is extremely LBTQI-friendly, so you’ll be able to find plenty of action going on in The Castro and Mission districts throughout the month.

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San Francisco City Hall Lit Up In The LGBTQ+ Flag With Fireworks Above

5. San Diego, CA—July 12-14

Are you ready to celebrate in your itsy bitsy teenie weenie rainbow polka dot bikini? Then San Diego is where you need to be! With miles of beautiful beaches, nearly perfect weather, and tons of So Cal suntanned beach bods, this pride will be sure to knock your fishnets off. If you’re a fitness freak then you can run the Pride 5K, but if you’d rather stand at a rally or hit the streets at a party walking pace, then there’s Spirit of Stonewall Rally on Friday evening and the main Pride parade on Saturday morning. Still not enough action? If you need more then on Friday and Saturday there’s a crazy line up of performers scheduled to hit the festival stage including, Melissa Etheridge and Mykki Blanco as well as drag race alumni such as Asia O’Hara, Aquaria, Jessica Wild, and Kim Chi. Better hurry though cause tickets to this event are selling out fast!

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Big Rainbow Flag Over Party Goers

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