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Feed A Hungry Friend In The Zoo & Kill Your Ex, All In One Go!

Feed A Hungry Friend In The Zoo & Kill Your Ex, All In One Go!

Valentine's Day is here once again — and while some people will plan elaborate and romantic dates to celebrate this sappy love-fest, the rest of us will be stuck spending it alone on the couch in our jammies, racking up quality time with our longest-standing and most loyal boyfriends (Ben & Jerry).

Name A Cockaroch After Your Ex — Then Watch It Get Fed To An Animal

Even worse, some of us may have recently been abandoned by or finally broken up with an insufferable lover.

So, for all you lonely, jilted hearts out there, we’ve got a great surprise for you: For a small fee, a British zoo will let you name a cockroach after your ex and then they will feed it to some hungry critters.

madagascar hissing cockroaches

Naming a cockroach will cost you just a little under $2 (the set price is £1.50), and the collected money will be used to fund their new and ongoing projects. During the event, the names of cockroaches will be displayed on the screen in the terrarium at the zoo and everyone who entered will receive certificates to commemorate the event.

The Meerkats Are Hungry At The El Paso Zoo

The El Paso Zoo in Texas came up with a similar idea. On Valentine's Day you can also name a cockroach after your ex and then it will be fed to the adorable meerkats! This event will be available for public viewing during the "Quit Bugging Me" live broadcast. All you have to do is send a message to the zoo on FB with the name and the first letter of your ex's last name — then BAM! The ex will be gobbled up faster than you can say "forever alone."

cute meerkats in the zoo Alternatively, if you have a better half who doesn’t deserved to be treated like a common zoo snack, then treat them like the meal they are by taking them on a romantic getaway.

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