This Hotel In Mallorca is WOMEN ONLY!

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Pirates, we bring you a talking point: a new hotel is opening in Mallorca where men are completely banned.

The Som Dona Women Only will open its doors in April 2019 to female travelers over the age of 18. It will be located in the picturesque fishing village of Porto Cristo, famed for its quaint streets and majestic caves.

The four star hotel is created by Spanish hotel chain Som Hotels, complete with 39 rooms.

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On announcing the project last weekend, Som Hotels president Joan Enric Capella claimed the idea came from "a growing business trend focused on a female audience", which was confirmed by a survey conducted by the hotel chain. It found that female customers liked the idea of a woman-only hotel.

The property will tap into wellness and self-care trends, appealing to women seeking relaxation and revival. The hotel's website says it will create "a new space for women who are looking to disconnect from the stress of daily life that offers personalized care tailored to their needs".

It will come with "the best healthy cuisine made with 'zero-kilometer' products, a wellness area, pool, sky lounge and a unique atmosphere designed for women".

Pictures from the website depict decor inspired by "feminine features", with a girly white and pink color scheme. It also features a seriously glam-looking outdoor pool and terrace, surrounded by palm trees.

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The hotel guests will remain in feminine company. The property will also hire as many female employees as employment laws allow.

"We want the most employees possible to be women...One of our objectives is also to give a certain visibility to women doing traditionally masculine jobs" said Capella.

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What do you say, pirates? Do you think a hotel for women only is a much-needed idea? Would you stay here, or give it a swerve for a spot where all genders are allowed?

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