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Is The Earth Flat?

Is The Earth Flat?

Since the dawn of time, people have been doing their best to makes sense of our vast world. The first documented mention of the concept that the Earth was round was made all the way back in the sixth century BC and this was finally proved by astronomers in the third century BC. However, the Flat Earth Society would have you believe otherwise.

What Is The Flat Earth Society?

The Flat Earth Society believes that the Earth is completely flat and likely diamond shaped. They are steadfastly sure that there are edges on the earth and if you walk far enough, you will eventually hit the end and fall off of the inevitable cliff and into the abyss that surely awaits you. Although they can’t seem to come to a complete agreement on all of their views, flat-earthers have spewed their personal pseudo-scientific beliefs all over the internet and in the past years have slowly converted more believers, including celebrities such as Tila Tequila and B.o.B.

So ... Is The Earth Flat?

Spoiler alert: No. The Earth is absolutely and positively NOT FLAT — sorry to burst your bubble. Luckily, science has proven time and time again that the earth is, in fact, a big, round rock rapidly spinning and orbiting the sun while hurtling through space. To be fair, I guess you’ll never truly be able to prove for yourself whether the earth is flat or not unless you decide to travel the globe. Another option would also be to head to Adult Space Academy run by NASA. The scientists there will be sure to set you straight!

View Of Earth From Space, Europe

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