Attention All 'Enthusiastic And Mediocre' Skiers—We've Found The Perfect Job For You

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Ahoy snow bunnies! We're back with another dream job, but this one doesn't call for any crazy skills or past experience. If you consider yourself more "elephant" than "elegant" when you hit the slopes, we've found just the job for you.

The sportswear brand Tenson is currently looking for two skiers who are both "enthusiastic and mediocre" - yep, that is a direct quote from the job description - to test its new gear.

The Swedish brand is aiming to collect some information on how their equipment is used in the worst possible conditions; for example, whether it is able to withstand an icy trail, or in an unfortunate incident after a couple too many drinks at the bar.

The ad states that the tendency to fall is regarded as a beneficial skill for this application, highlighting how you don't need to be the most able person on the mountain - only a can-do attitude and a high level of motivation.

Attention All 'Enthusiastic And Mediocre' Skiers—We've Found The Perfect Job For You

Interested? Here's a more thorough run-down of the role:

Qualifications required:

- You know how to make a turn in a decent amount of snow.

- You are an expert in falling while waiting for or on the lift, as well as on the slope.

- You have no idea what "pow", "ripper", "glades" or "poaching means" (does anybody?!).

- Your only hot move is the involuntary frontal jump.

- Every time you rent ski boots, you ask to change them two or three times before being satisfied, because your feet hurt so badly.


Enjoy your stay in the mountains.

Your mission:

- Take the lift to the top of the mountain.

- Ski. Repeat.

- Share your opinion on the equipment with the Tenson team.


Nothing specific required.

Job perks:

- Fixed salary of €25 per hour, with hours from 9:00-12:00, then 1:00-4:00.

- Round trip flights from your home to the Swedish Alps.

- Delicious Swedish food and drink provided (meatballs, anyone?!)

- An incredible cottage to stay in, just a short walk from the slopes.

- A free set of skiing gear from the newest Tenson collection

- A 4 day ski pass

You have until 11th February 2019 to get your applications in! Two positions are available, and you don't even need to apply a CV or cover letter. Successful applicants will be contacted by email.

Apply now!

Attention All 'Enthusiastic And Mediocre' Skiers—We've Found The Perfect Job For You