How To Take Drugs On An Airplane

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Let me preface this article by saying that I would definitely pass a drug test right now (alright boss? Jeez!), and I was only wondering about this because I wanted to travel this week with some eucalyptus CBD cream.

While packing for my trip, I took a look at the label, which very clearly stated CONTAINS CBD AND THC, and started worrying. What if the drug dogs sniffed me out? What if TSA caught me and put me in airport jail? Is there an airport jail? I set the CBD cream aside, didn't pack it, and I've regretted it ever since.

Disclaimer before you continue: I'm not recommending that you take marijuana on a plane, and the following only applies for domestic travel. If you know how to take weed overseas, I salute you. You are braver than most.

Ever wondered what the deal is with taking CBD or marijuana on a plane? I've done some research for ya and here is the truth:


1. TSA agents are NOT COPS.

This is just a fact. Actually, if they find something illegal, they're required to call the police.

This is especially good news if you're flying out of LAX: any airports within the jurisdiction of LA follow state law instead of federal law, which states that up to 28.5 grams of weed is legal to possess. So, even though TSA follows federal law, they're required to call the local police if they find weed, and because the local police follow their law.

2. CBD is also technically illegal to travel with.


3. TSA agents do NOT look for marijuana or other drugs

...but they are required to report you to local law enforcement if they find something. They don't care about your jazz cabbage, they're looking for bombs. in 2014, 29 people in Denver got caught by TSA with weed and they let every single person on their planes once they threw out their stash, and police declined to issue citations.

4. The dogs at the airport are BOMB DOGS, not drug dogs.

TSA is looking for bombs (and things that look like bombs, like... uh... alarm clocks? Nokia cell phones?) and suspicious liquids. So if you want to fly with your vape pen, for example, empty it. If you're flying with weed, don't give the TSA a reason to search your bag. Flying with weed wouldn't be a great time to forget that you've left a water bottle in your backpack.


1. Invest in a stash box!

When TSA scans your luggage, they aren't seeing a clear image. That being said, they'll definitely notice a suspiciously old plastic bag carrying a lighter and a joint. Look for something that is smell-proof and discreet. This blog has some suggestions on where to trade in your plastic baggie for a legitimate stash box.

2. Don't check it in your luggage.

The TSA conducts random searches of luggage all the time. It happened to me and my Czech schnapps was confiscated, which is why I'm not writing this article about international travel.

3. Relax.

TSA agents are trained to notice people acting jumpy, nervous, suspicious, or too relaxed, because they're trained to look for people who are trying to sneak a bomb on the plane. You aren't doing that, so chill.

4. Pack edibles instead!

Did you know you can take food in your carry on? Well, you can! (Here's the full list of legal items you can take on a plane.) Bake some weed cookies, pack them up nicely as you would real cookies, stick your gummy bears in a Haribo bag and you're good to go.

5. Be responsible and take the bare minimum.

Know the legal requirements of amounts of marijuana you can have on your person in both your origin and departure states.

So, there you have it! Good luck, don't get caught, and (puff puff) pass this article on to your friends before I get forced to take it down!

How To Take Drugs On An Airplane