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Why Hygge—The Art Of Coziness—Could Be The Biggest Trend Of 2018

Why Hygge—The Art Of Coziness—Could Be The Biggest Trend Of 2018

by Alanna Smith & Louie Francis
Content Quality Editor | Senior Social Media Manager

What the heck is hygge? Pronounged “hoogah,” it roughly translates to coziness, and has defined life in Denmark for a few centuries. Instead of suffering through long dark winters, Danish people bundle up with comfy socks, good friends, wine, and lots and lots of candles.

So why is hygge going to be huge this year? Because who doesn’t love that cozy feeling of being with with good food, good friends, and good drinks? It’s a movement that everyone can get behind—life can get so hectic, and hygge shows us how to focus on the important stuff. We've come up with a few ways to find hygge in your vacations, staycations, and everyday life. So break out the hot tea and fuzzy blankets, and prepare to get cozy!

Rent A Cabin

One of the key pillars of hygge is togetherness, so what could be more hygge than renting a cabin with your family or best friends? This waterfront log cabin near Fairbanks, Alaska is in a northern lights hotspot. Visit during the winter to play on the private ice skating rink before warming up by the fireplace inside.
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Book A Romantic Weekend Away

No matter where you live in the United States, the winter doldrums can hit you hard. Planning a romantic getaway with your partner could be the perfect cure. Treat yourself to a weekend at the 5-star Post Ranch Inn, where all the rooms have very hygge fireplaces and stunning Pacific fancy california lodge

Discover Fabulous Finland

Due to its magnificent winters and proximity to Denmark, it's no surprise that Finland has its own version of hygge: kalsarikännit, which roughly translates to "you + a bottle of wine + an evening in." Why not try that out in a beautiful geodesic dome...or in an actual igloo?
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Test Out A Yurt

Yurts were designed to weather the harsh climates of Central Asia, which means they're the perfect place for a holing up in the winter. Check out this yurt in Maryland: not only does it have a cozy stove to keep you warm, but you'll have muffins and hot chocolate delivered to your door each morning. Did we mention hot chocolate is also hygge?book a glamping yurt in maryland

Go On a Ski Trip

Let's be real—ski trips have something for everyone. Some people enjoy churning up fresh powder all day, while others love curling up with a book and a cup of tea by the fireplace. Getting outside is pretty hygge, and the Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe offers great skiing alongside luxury amenities, stunning views, and gas fireplaces in every room. trip to lake tahoe

Actually Plan That Trip To Iceland

With so many cheap flights to Iceland available, there's no excuse not to check out the gorgeous landscapes of this island nation. Oh, and the beautiful houses, too. Iceland's Nordic culture and Scandinavian influences mean that you'll find incredible architecture and killer interior decorating wherever you go. It all maximizes hygge—like this cabin near the Blue a cabin in iceland

Go Glamping

Glamping is as trendy as hygge, and for good reason. There's something so special about sharing a cozy tent in the great outdoors with your loved ones. It's a great opportunity for playing games, roasting marshmallows, and just talking with one another. You'll love this glamping tipi in Virginia—it's fitted with a wood-burning stove.glamping in virginia

Splurge On An Alpine Retreat

And by "alpine," we mean the actual Alps. Give yourself the gift of a cozy and luxurious vacation in the mountains of Switzerland, where you can enjoy skiing by day and mulled wine near the fire by night. Stay at the 5-star Alpina Gstaad, and pamper yourself with a trip to their Six Senses a swiss alps lodge stay

Plan A Summer Hygge Trip

Hygge isn't just for the winter. If you've experienced the warm fuzzies from sitting around a campfire making s'mores with your friends on a warm July evening, then you know how important a dose of summer hygge is. Plan a trip to The Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid, New York—with its rustic aesthetic and proximity to nature, it's the perfect hygge destination all year round. book stay in lake placid

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