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Honeymoon Destinations For Different Types Of Couples

Honeymoon Destinations For Different Types Of Couples

by Jessica Bisesto
Senior Editor

Although planning the wedding can be exciting, we know the real reason you're looking forward for the wedding is the honeymoon. Every couple deserves some rest and relaxation after celebrating their big day, and we know that the perfect honeymoon for one couple may not apply to another couple.

Whether you and your sweetie prefer to lounge by a pool with a cocktail, or hike Machu Picchu, we've compiled a list of fantastic destinations where the two of you can celebrate your nuptials in a way that feels most natural.

Adventurous Couple
Marriage is an adventure. What better way for the risk-seeking couple to spend their first days as husband and wife than by trekking through caves in Iceland or trying to spot the Northern Lights? Prefer a warmer destination? Try bungee jumping or sky diving in New Zealand. Head to either of these adrenalin-filled destinations and get your heart racing and those cameras ready.

Old World Romance
Are you and your partner drawn to the classical, romantic honeymoon destinations? Spend your honeymoon in the beautiful French countryside (we recommend Provence), or soak up the Tuscan sun. If you and your lover prefer an old world destination that's a little under the radar, head to Austria's capital city of Vienna and soak up the culture, gardens and castles.

City Lovers
Do you and your boo love the feeling of anonymity in a big city? Head to Tokyo, Japan or Buenos Aires, Argentina for an exciting honeymoon filled with plenty of photo opportunities and fantastic local cuisine. Sign up for a tango class in Buenos Aires, or dive into the art of sushi making in Tokyo.

High-Class Couple
When you and your sweetheart travel, is it only five-star hotels and Michelin-rated restaurants for you? Spend your honeymoon in luxurious Dubai or slower-paced Bora Bora for an elegant experience. Book a room with a view of the Burj Khalifa, or chill out in an overwater bungalow. Head to French Polynesia or the UAE and enjoy your honeymoon like a royal.

Exotic Escape
Does the thought of exotic, lesser-traveled destinations get the hearts of you and your main squeeze pumping? Head to Bagan, Myanmar or Marrakech, Morocco to celebrate your first days of marriage. Catch the sunset over the ancient temples of Bagan, or wander through the spice markets of Marrakech and practice your bartering skills.

Beach Relaxation
Prefer to soak up the sun, sand, and sea with your significant other? Head to stunning Whitsunday Islands, Australia or beautiful Kauai, Hawaii for some rest and relaxation. Pack the sunscreen and your snorkeling gear and get ready to relax with some of the most gorgeous backdrops a honeymooner could desire.

Country Romance
Are you and your new spouse looking to celebrate in peace and quiet? Head off to Sapa, Vietnam or the Andes Mountains of Chile for a romantic escape. Sip on local coffee and enjoy the lush green backdrop offered in Vietnam's highlands of the north. If clear blue waters and mountains are preferred, head south for an undisturbed rendezvous.

Road Trippin'
Do one, or both, of you have a fear of flying? Head out on an incredible road trip for an unforgettable honeymoon that you can enjoy at your own pace. Cruise up or down the Pacific Coast Highway and see Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Monterey and more. If you and your honey prefer mountains to coastline, head to the Great Smoky Mountains and see first-hand why this is the most visited National Park in America.

Roller Coaster of Love
Are you and your babe children at heart? Spend your honeymoon on a Disney Cruise, or the Atlantis Paradis Island Resort in the Bahamas. Lounge by the pool or enjoy the all-you-can-eat meal options before hopping off the cruise ship to enjoy an on-shore excursion hosted by Disney. Prefer to be in the water instead of on it? Take a 'leap of faith' at the Atlantis Resort.

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