4 Stunning Hidden Beaches And How To Actually Get To Them

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Pirates, sometimes a little effort can pay off in hidden treasure. We've found four breathtaking beaches around the world that deserve a spot on anyone's bucket list.

These hidden beaches boast gorgeous blue waters, minimal tourist crowds, and untouched natural charm. The catch? You need insider knowledge find them, and might even need to pack some hiking shoes or book yourself a boat tour. Luckily we've got you covered with these tips and tricks!

Ibiza, Spain

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This gorgeous beach is actually a spiritual destination for many because of its proximity to the mystical island of Es Vedra. It features gorgeous clear blue water, striking rock formations, and fascinating carvings. If you're lucky you might even have the place to yourself!

Where To Fly Into: Ibiza, Spain
What To Bring: Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, plenty of water, and snacks

How To Get There
To get to Atlantis, first you'll need to drive or take a taxi to the entrance of the Torre des Savinar. From there, you'll hike approximately 30 – 45 minutes down to the beach, but be aware this hike is quite steep and not for the faint of heart. Try to avoid mid-day heat because the hike can be strenuous.

Recently, some Travelpirates crew members made the trek and can confirm it was well worth it!

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Some of your favorite pirates making their way to Atlantis

Navagio Beach
Zakynthos, Greece

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Maybe you've seen pictures of this famous "shipwreck beach" pop up on your Newsfeed, but did you know it can only be reached by boat? Once you make it, you'll be rewarded with white sands and dramatic cliffs.

Where To Fly Into: Zakynthos, Greece
What To Bring: Sunscreen and an umbrella (there's no shade on the beach), plenty of water, and snacks

How To Get There
You'll need to take a boat to get to Navagio Beach. Luckily ferries and boat tours run quite frequently from Porto Vromi or Zakynthos. We recommend going earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon in the summer to avoid peak crowds.

The Baths
Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Legend goes, this beach was actually used by British sailors and pirates (real pirates!) to bathe. Once you make it down to this Caribbean wonder, you'll be able to hike through the network of boulders, explore hidden coves, and even go on a snorkeling adventure.

Where To Fly Into: Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, or for a cheaper option, consider flying into St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands and taking a ferry to the British Virgin Islands
What To Bring: Sunscreen, and water shoes suitable for hiking on land and through water

How To Get There
You have two options: you can either arrive by boat, or you can complete a relatively easy 20-minute hike from the entrance of the Baths National Park down to the water.

Dry Tortugas
Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

4 Stunning Hidden Beaches And How To Actually Get To Them

This national park features the prominent Fort Jefferson, a masonry fort from the 1800's, gorgeous white-sand beaches, and excellent coral reefs for snorkeling or scuba diving.

Where To Fly Into: Key West, Florida
What To Bring: Sunscreen, water, and snacks

How To Get There
Dry Tortugas National Park is roughly 70 miles from Key West. You'll need to take a ferry, many of which run frequently, or a seaplane to get to the island.

4 Stunning Hidden Beaches And How To Actually Get To Them