Take Your Selfies For Less—7 Replicas Of Famous Landmarks In the US

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We get it. Not only is it tough to visit some of the world's most famous landmarks, but once you're actually there, you have to fight with obnoxious crowds to snag the perfect selfie. What if we were to tell you that you can grab some...uhh...discount selfies around United States? Get the angle right, slap on a filter, and you'll be raking in the likes in no time.

1. Stonehenge – Centreville, VA

Stonehenge, Foamhenge...close enough, right? This roadside attraction was built in 2004, and is constructed of—you guessed it—foam. Other than that, the accuracy is pretty spot on. The artist even worked with an astronomer to get the "stones" lined up just right.

2. Parthenon – Nashville, TN

Now, your worldly friends may notice there's something off about this one, since this 1897 copy of the Parthenon is in much, much better shape than the original. It is even home to a 42-foot replica of a long-lost statue of Athena, so you can get a pic with our girl, the goddess of wisdom and warfare.

3. Eiffel Tower – Las Vegas, NV

You can probably take enough pictures at the Paris Las Vegas to convince your friends you actually went to France. From the half scale Eiffel Tower to a two-thirds replica of the Arc de Triomphe, plus the distinctly French façade of the hotel itself, you'll have your 'gram followers saying "ooh la la."

4. Trevi Fountain – Las Vegas, NV

While you're still in Vegas, you might as well pretend that you visited Italy, too. Head over to Caesars Palace to see a pretty accurate copy of Rome's famous Trevi Fountain. Toss in a coin, snap a picture, and then try to find the property's replica of Michelangelo's statue of David for a double whammy.

5. Leaning Tower of Pisa – Niles, IL

Technically called the "Leaning Tower of Niles," this baby was built in 1934. It may be only half the size of the original, but it's going to look pretty legit in your "I'm holding up the Tower of Pisa" pictures.

6. Great Pyramid – Memphis, TN

Fun fact: Memphis is actually named after the ancient capital of Egypt. You'll definitely need a filter on your pictures, since the Memphis Pyramid is definitely not made of limestone. It's also 160 feet shorter than the original. You know, the one they built without construction equipment.

7. Christ the Redeemer – Eureka Springs, AR

Let us introduce you to Christ of the Ozarks, which, if you squint a little bit, sort of looks like Brazil's famous Christ the Redeemer statue. At 66 feet, it's a little shorter than its counterpart in Rio, but it should still do the trick.

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Take Your Selfies For Less—7 Replicas Of Famous Landmarks In the US