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Flying While Hangry: A Guide To Eating Well On Your Travels Without Breaking The Bank

Flying While Hangry: A Guide To Eating Well On Your Travels Without Breaking The Bank

Imagine this — it’s hour one into your long haul journey and as the thirst starts to set in and your tummy rumbles you realize there’s no complimentary food or beverages on this flight. You're now forced to make a choice: pay an exorbitant amount of money for a tiny snack and drink that will quench your thirst and hunger for the next hour or brace yourself to suffer through the next six hours and maybe take a risk and drink some of that sweet, sweet lavatory water.*

*Please do not drink the lavatory water.

People Boarding An Easy Jet Flight

The End Of Full-Service Flights

The days of full-service flights have long come and gone and it’s become increasingly common amongst budget and regular airlines to charge fees from anything to checked bags and the life-sustaining goodness that is water. Depending on the airline and flight length, you may be lucky enough to get the full-service treatment, but this is often reserved for much longer flights on legacy carriers such as Delta, American, and United Airlines.

If you want to avoid paying out of pocket to keep yourself fed and watered, then it is worthwhile to bring along your own food and beverages. It will require a bit of extra planning and a re-evaluation of your packing skills, but it’ll be well worth the savings. So, if you’re sick of paying an arm and a leg for airport and airline food, but don’t want to suffer on your next journey, then be sure to follow these four steps below to avoid a hangry travel experience.

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1. Bring A Water Bottle

Always have a water bottle with you, you won’t regret it! While you may not be able to bring recyclable and one-use plastics through security, you can always take reusable water bottles along. Just be sure to empty them out before you hit the security line, which is easier now since many airports have a liquid waste bin available next to the regular garbage bins. Once you get through security you can easily refill your water bottle in a bathroom or ask a restaurant worker to fill up your bottle — they’re usually happy to help.

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2. Bring Some Fruits And Vegetables Along

This one may require a little forethought and preparation depending on what you want to bring, but having fruits and veggies with you is important! Unfortunately, it is much easier to get dehydrated while flying because the air that’s circulated in the airplane cabin comes from the outside and air at that altitude has very little moisture in it.

Fruits and veggies are not only healthy and packed with the nutrients you need to fend off germs from other passengers, but they also are a great source of extra water. You can easily cut them up and put them in a small baggie or Tupperware and some can be taken as they are. We would highly suggest taking bananas and oranges along and maybe a bit of cooling cucumber for a long flight, but be aware that you may not be able to fly everywhere with them. Make sure to check for any restrictions on fruits and vegetables before you take off.

3. Bring Nuts And Other Snacks

If you’re still hungry, then a small baggie of nuts, pretzels, or another fun snack can help keep you satiated for slightly longer travels. If you don’t have room for a bag of Goldfish in your bag, then don’t panic! You can always put a couple of handfuls in a Tupperware, which will keep them from being squished, or a small bag if that’s easier. No matter what you choose, you’ll end up with a quick and easy snack.

Assortment Of Chips, Crackers, And Other Snacks

4. Make A Sandwich

Got a long haul journey and ready to pinch some pennies? Then make a sandwich... or three! We wouldn’t recommend tuna as it will likely get soggy and fall apart on a long trip, but a classic PB&J or Fluffernutter sandwich will be sturdy enough to make it through anything. You can also shake it up and try your hand at making yourself a Caesar salad wrap or a grilled cheese, but you’ll have to eat that one cold.

Also, as a final consideration, it's good to keep in mind that nut allergies are very common and a situation could arise in which a passenger on your flight has one, so nut-based foods won't be able to be opened or eaten during the journey. In this case, it's important to have some nut-free back-up snacks in your food arsenal.

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