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Feeling Salty? Visit the World's Top 5 Saltiest Destinations!

Feeling Salty? Visit the World's Top 5 Saltiest Destinations!

The seasoned pirate knows there isn't anything more satisfying than the salty seas, but there's salty satisfaction to be found from land too. From salt cave spas to salt mine dance halls these attractions are not to be taken with a grain of salt! While we encourage you to savor the salty we advise against licking these destinations.

1.SALT Festival

Visit Norway's SALT festival and sweat it out in the world's largest sauna. The festival is a year long monument to the Norwegian way of life and will include dance music, film screenings, and of course the stunning environment of the sea meeting mountains under the aurora borealis.

Worlds' Largest Sauna

2. Wieliczka Salt Mine

Just outside of Krakow, Poland, the Wieliczka Salt Mines were long a place of industry but they are now an underground cathedral refurbished with chandeliers, sculptures, and lagoon. The labyrinth of chambers serve as everything from nightclub to the resort style accommodations of their Hotel Grand Sal.

Wieliczka Salt Mine Dance Floor

3. Hotel Palacio de Sal

Sleep in salt rooms at the Hotel Palacio de Sal in Bolivia where the rooms are made of salt. Not only is the salty environment supposed to provide a restorative sleep but it's also part of Hildalgo Tours so you'll have access to local guides of the area's wonders.

Hotel Palacio de Sal

4. The Dead Sea

As the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea is a natural wonder of Israel. Strikingly beautiful while being a bizarrely entertaining spot for a swim; the extremely salty water has such density you'll find yourself excessively buoyant. Beyond the beach, there is beauty to be found for hikers in the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve and at the area's many modern mineral spas featuring treatments sourced from the sea's abundant salt resources.

Dead Sea

5. Salt Cave Spa

The Salt Cave Spa is one of the amenities lodgers at the Radisson Blu Hotel of Galloway will be able to indulge in. While salt spa therapy has been an increasingly popular treatment, few locations boast the ambiance of the hotel's salt cave. The health benefits are a draw but once you've experienced their restorative effects you'll be especially ready to explore the romantic Irish city of Galloway.

Salt Cave Spa

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