How To Experience The Real-Life Haunting Of Hill House

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Netflix's Haunting of Hill House, based on the 1950s horror novel by Shirley Jackson, is a frightening addition to the Halloween season lineup. The fictional story takes place inside a home where one must question who—or what—is haunted.

The Real-Life Haunting Of Hill House

In the novel and series, Hill House is located somewhere in Massachusetts—also the home of Edgar Allan Poe and the Salem Witch Trials. So, you'd think they'd choose somewhere in the Bay State for filming, right? Not so fast, they headed down south for the majority of filming.

But where is the infamous house? LaGrange, Georgia is home to Bisham Manor, which is also known as the exterior filming spot for Hill House.

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Image Source: Bisham Manor

Can You Visit Hill House?

You've likely heard horror stories about homeowners who were harassed by fans looking to catch a glimpse of the filming locations for their favorite TV shows and movies.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Bisham Manor. It's an event venue—and looks much more inviting in the daytime. The manor does not currently offer tours of the grounds, but it's the perfect spot for a wedding or event (spooky or otherwise).

So, you might catch a glimpse if you're looking for a spot for your destination wedding. (We can help you find some cheap flights.)