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Earth Day 2018: Tips & Tricks On Traveling Green

Earth Day 2018: Tips & Tricks On Traveling Green

by Jessica Bisesto
Senior Editor

In celebration of Earth Day 2018, we've compiled a list of tips and tricks on how to travel green. We know traveling isn't always the most eco-friendly activity, but there are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint while creating incredible memories across the globe. Earth Day has become a global phenomenon since its creation in 1970. Why not celebrate every time you travel instead of solely on April 22?

Pack Light
One of the easiest ways to stay green while traveling is by packing light. Carry-on bags are not only easier to travel with, but they are cheaper and reduce your carbon footprint by taking up less fuel in planes and vehicles. One of the best feelings is landing in a new place, grabbing your carry-on and heading into town. Why waste time waiting for checked bags when the world is yours to explore?

Travel Like A Local
When possible, take public transportation. It's not only an incredibly affordable way to get around town, it allows visitors a more in-depth perspective on local life. Instead of taxing a taxi, opt for the local bus or train the next time you're abroad for a cool, Earth-friendly, experience.

Travel By Foot Or Bike
Trains and buses out of the question? Lace up your sneakers or rent a bike and check out your surroundings. Many cities offer free or inexpensive walking or biking tours, but if you prefer to explore on your own you can always download a map to your mobile device and visit some off-the-beaten-path places you'd never see if traveling any other way.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
When possible, look for recycling bins around town and cut down on the amount of waste you're producing by purchasing items with less plastic wrapping. Another great way to stay green on the road is by utilizing a reusable water bottle- many of these will also keep hot or cold beverages at desired temperatures for hours. Not only will this investment save you time and money, it's also beneficial to your health to always stay hydrated.

Respect Wildlife
If you love something let it be—this includes coral reefs. Although they're beautiful to look at, human contact can actually damage the reefs. Keep our oceans happy by admiring these incredible wonders from a distance. Love nature but prefer land activities? Do your research before booking any kind of tour that involves animal conservations or sanctuaries.

Lights, Air Con, Action!
Looking for an easy way to be an eco-friendly traveler? Simply turn off the lights and air conditioning before leaving your hotel room. We also recommend utilizing the 'do not disturb' sign to skip maid service for a day or two. If possible, unplug anything electric before leaving your room; this not only saves electricity but it can save your electronic devices from an unexpected power surge.

Book Eco-Friendly Accommodations
Whenever possible, check out hotels and resorts that have a reputation for being 'green'. There are many options around the world that cater to almost any budget. What better way to pay homage to Mother Earth than by booking your travel accommodations somewhere that loves her just as much as you?

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