13 Cities Around The World With Incredible Graffiti

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by Jessica Bisesto
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Graffiti has a controversial history as some view it as art, and others consider it vandalism. Either way, there are many beautiful works of art around the world that are more than deserving of some attention. Whether politically charged, sentimental, or comical, street art is a form of freedom and expression that's developed its own culture over the last few decades.

Berlin, Germany
Graffiti in Berlin is a big industry. Throughout the city, you'll see plenty of bubble letters in German, English and French, as well as many politically charged artistic pieces. Take a boat cruise down the Spree River for a fantastic view of the graffiti on salvaged pieces of the Berlin Wall.

Bangkok, Thailand
While graffiti is illegal in many countries, in Thailand it's considered a form of art and expression. Street art originated as a way of marking territory and showing school pride and has transformed into a way to celebrate heritage and culture in Bangkok.

Athens, Greece
There's no better place in the world to be a graffiti artist right now than Greece's capital city, Athens. Peek down any street or around any corner, and chances are you'll catch some colorful street art, most of which is less than five years old.

Mexico City, Mexico
There's a reason art lovers from all over are flocking to Mexico City. Home to several graffiti festivals, this city has grown more colorful in each recent year. Grab some street tacos and enjoy a walking tour for some fantastic photo opportunities.

Distrito Federal, México - 2016

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Montreal, Canada
This eclectic city not only offers great food and an incredible nightlife scene, but if you take a look around you'll see plenty of fantastic works of art as well. Although graffiti is illegal, many street artists are still finding ways to express themselves with large scale pieces throughout the city.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
There's much more to this South American city than tapas and tango. Buenos Aires offers a vibrant urban art scene with a heavy emphasis on colorful pieces. Stroll through Palermo, Charcarita or Colegiales to see some of the more famous graffiti pieces before checking out some of the more industrial street art in La Boca.

Paris, France
This famously artistic city doesn't skip a beat when it comes to incredible graffiti. Whether you prefer Parisian street artists who emphasize color or black and white works, there's something for everyone.

Cape Town, South Africa
If you look in almost any direction of the Mother City, you're bound to see street art. Cape Town has birthed many talented artists, and if you take a walking graffiti tour you'll be able to catch a glimpse of some of the most creative, and politically influenced pieces.

Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon features many stunning graffiti murals throughout the city and more continue popping up as programs asking people to donate walls for art continue growing stronger. If you love brightly colored pieces with plenty of attention to detail, the graffiti in this city is for you.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Although the Icelandic government has initiated a war on graffiti, the interesting pieces around Reykjavik continue to attract tourists from across the globe. Why not enjoy a free activity in this notoriously expensive city and check out the street art throughout the heart of the capital?

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New York City, USA
Originating in the New York subways, graffiti has come a long way in the Big Apple. Regardless which borough you're exploring, you'll catch some very creative and beautiful works of art throughout New York City.

Sao Paolo, Brazil
Although most of the graffiti in this city is being covered up, there are still many beautiful pieces to be seen. Check out the colorful art work along buildings, or dive into side streets if you're looking for risqué pieces.

Melbourne, Australia
What kind of graffiti post would this be without Melbourne? Head down under and see what all the fuss is about as you stroll down street after street admiring the very eclectic collection of street art. Aliens, anime, animals and more can be found throughout this artistic Australian city.

13 Cities Around The World With Incredible Graffiti