​The 6 Best Travel Shows On Netflix

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Looking to step up your usual Netflix binge session? Choose one of these travel shows and prepare yourself for some serious wanderlust! With humor, unique insights into other cultures, and inspiration into up-and-coming destinations, we’ve found the shows for you.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

There’s no way we could write this post without including the undeniably inspirational and revolutionary travel personality, Anthony Bourdain. His passions for food, travel, and good conversation are the driving forces behind Parts Unknown, which takes Bourdain to off-the-radar destinations all around the world. He excels in showing these locations with respect, authenticity, and his one-of-a-kind gift for getting people to open up. His sense of cultural compassion is much needed in today’s political climate and will continue to help facilitate connections across the world.

Don’t miss unique destinations like Cuba, Vietnam, Iran, and Madagascar, and special guests like Barack Obama, Bill Murray, and Alice Cooper. One thing is for sure: Bourdain left behind an irreplaceable legacy that has forever changed the travel industry and our world today.


Departures is a three season series that chronicles the unforgettable friendships, personal successes, and sometimes crushing disappointments that befall travelers Justin Lukach, Scott Wilson, and their cameraman Andre Dupuis.

The first season starts as they both decide it’s “now or never” and quit their jobs to travel the world for a year. Together they visit a range of off-the-beaten-path destinations—places like Ascension Island, Mongolia, Antarctica, and even North Korea—along with trendier spots like Morocco, New Zealand, and Thailand. The show does a great job of showing the realities of travel from missed flights to homesickness, and arguments to celebrations. Travelers will love the relatability and the show’s philosophy that it’s about the journey and not the destination.

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Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father

Watch British comedian Jack Whitehall take his uptight father on the trip of a lifetime through Southeast Asia. Jack’s attempts to get his father to loosen up prove to be a challenge, and make for an entertaining and often hilarious dynamic.

Together, they face hostels, a Full Moon party, a barebones train ride in Cambodia, and much, much more. Watch this show for the relatable parent-child dynamic, witty banter, and insight on Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Stephen Fry In America

Tune in to watch Stephen Fry, British comedian and actor extraordinaire, travel around all 50 states in a London cab. He aims to highlight differences between the U.K. and U.S. and to uncover the true “spirit of America.” At times light-hearted, and at others emotional and poignant, Fry manages to offer a fresh and humorous take on the U.S..

Expect highlights like a college football game in Alabama, the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans, and a swim with sharks in Hawaii. Plus, watch out for special guests like Sting, Morgan Freeman, and Ted Turner.

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The Moaning of Life

Follow Karl Pilkington, previously of An Idiot Abroad, as he travels the world contemplating life’s biggest moments. If you’re not yet acquainted with Karl, he is a self-described “regular bloke” who has a notorious love for complaining. Having just turned 40, he provides a humorously opinionated and often-cynical perspective on life’s milestones.

Watch this show for the British humor, fascinating locations, and interesting subject matter. Follow Karl as he helps plan a marriage in India, attends a fertility festival in Japan, and contemplates death at a cemetery that doubles as a village in the Philippines.

Somebody Feed Phil

Within the first five minutes, you’ll know whether you’re going to love or hate Somebody Feed Phil, but if you don’t love it, you’re wrong.

Tune in as the endearingly-enthusiastic Phil Rosenthal seeks to experience the best foodie spots around the world. You’ll fall for his optimism, endless jokes, and sense of understanding for other cultures.

The creator of Everybody Loves Raymond is so shamelessly enthusiastic about everything… like, everything, that some think he can’t be genuine, but having watched all of both series, we’re sure he is, and we love it. On the surface, it’s a show about food, but it quickly becomes about the love of travel and of finding common ground with the people you meet along the way, from New York, to Buenos Aires to Dublin.

​The 6 Best Travel Shows On Netflix

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​The 6 Best Travel Shows On Netflix