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Atlantis — Lost City Or Metaphorical Myth?

Atlantis — Lost City Or Metaphorical Myth?

Almost everyone has heard the tale of the civilization of Atlantis — the long lost island city that sank beneath the waves, which was never to be found again. The island was first mentioned in 360 BC and since then has had a large impact on literature and popular culture. For many years, people have been arguing about whether the island was a fictional city made up in the imaginations of the ancient Greeks or whether it was once an actual civilization that existed and was engulfed by the ocean.

Christ Of The Abyss Statue In The Florida Keys

What And Where Is Atlantis?

Atlantis is a fictional island city first written about by Plato in his works Timaeus and Critias and was depicted as the antagonist naval power that besieged ancient Athens. Historians are unsure whether Plato was referring to a real civilization that actually existed or whether it was an elaborate work of fiction that he had concocted.

The debate rages on and has led some people to argue that the island is located somewhere in or near the Mediterranean Sea, likely in between Italy and Greece, while some believe it lays somewhere deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Others have hypothesized that it can be found somewhere in the North Sea or the Celtic Shelf, while some speculate that it could be near the Caribbean islands, off the coasts of Indonesia or India, or in the Bermuda Triangle. Many underwater sites of ancient cities have been studied, but none have yet to be proven as being the original Atlantis.

Rocky Mediterranean Beach

So — Is Atlantis Real?

Probably not. Although there are many studies and theories out there in regards to the veracity of the island's existence and there are likely many old cities that have fallen to their demise and been taken over by ocean tides, as of yet, there is still no accurate historical or archaeological evidence to prove the existence of Atlantis. However, if you’re curious enough to take matters into your own hands, then we would suggest visiting the ancient marvels in Greece or Rome first.

Skyline in Rome With The Vatican

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