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6 Secret Speakeasy Bars In NYC You Never Knew About

6 Secret Speakeasy Bars In NYC You Never Knew About

Any good pirate knows the best treasures are often the hardest to find. Although Prohibition is long gone, speakeasy-themed bars are all the rage right now—and the more secretive, the better. We've compiled a list of the six hottest hidden speakeasy bars in NYC, and insider tips on how to get into them.

For The Cocktail Aficionado: Angel's Share

How To Find It: To get to this inconspicuous East Village bar, you first have to go into the second-floor Japanese restaurant Village Yokocho. Once you're in the restaurant, turn left and enter the unmarked door.

Why To Go: You'll find a small, yet effortlessly cool speakeasy bar. They feature Japanese-influenced drinks that have gained a serious cult following among cocktail enthusiasts. Go in a small group early in the night to avoid waiting in line.

Angel's share speakeasyImage Source: Angel's Share Facebook

For The History Buff: The Back Room

How To Find It: Go to 102 Norfolk Street in the Lower East Side and find a gated entrance for the "Lower East Side Toy Company." Enter the gate, walk through the alley, and go up the stairs to find the Back Room.

Why To Go: The Back Room is one of only two current speakeasies that actually operated back in Prohibition. It played host to numerous actors and gangsters of the time, and we guarantee you'll still feel the energy of the roaring twenties. Specialty cocktails are served Prohibition-style in teacups, and the decor feels like you've stumbled into a 1920's mansion. Craving an even more exclusive experience? A trick bookcase leads into a secret VIP lounge.

Image Source: Back Room

For The Creative Type: The Garret West

How To Find It: Enter the West Village Five Guys Burgers (at the corner of Bleeker and Barrow Streets) and walk to the cash register. Turn to your left and you'll see a bouncer in front of an unmarked door. Enter and go upstairs.

Why To Go: You'll find a dimly-lit and undeniably trendy cocktail bar, with creative specialties like The First Lady—a cocktail made with matcha green tea and egg whites. Go early if you want a spot, the space is intimate and fills up fast.

The garret west speakeasyImage Source: The Garret West

For The Late-Night Foodie: Please Don't Tell

How To Find It: Go inside East Village's Crif Dogs (a popular hot dog joint), and you'll have to walk into a retro phonebooth to enter Please Don't Tell.

Why To Go: Looking past the obvious irony of the name Please Don't Tell, this bar is a fun and welcome twist on the typical cocktail-dominated speakeasy. Please Don't Tell has managed to bring deep-fried hot dogs into the mix and features a unique menu of fried specialties. Plus, they still have high-quality cocktails to keep the speakeasy purists happy. The vibe? You'll find ultra-comfy leather booths and eclectic taxidermy-decorated walls.

Please don't tell speakeasyImage Source: Please Don't Tell

For The Sake Lover: Sakagura

How To Find It: We hope you're up for a challenge, because this is one of the toughest NYC speakeasy bars to find. You have to walk into a seemingly normal Midtown office building at 211 E 43rd Street, go past a security guard, and head downstairs into the basement.

Why To Go: If you're a fan of sake, this is the speakeasy for you. You'll find an extensive menu complete with sake, sake cocktails, and sake flights—and the servers are more than happy to guide guests into the world of sake. Plus, they serve Japanese tapas that'll make you swear you're in Tokyo.

Sakagura speakeasyImage Source: Sakagura

For The Indecisive Drinker: Attaboy

How To Find It: Attaboy gives true meaning to the phrase "hidden in plain sight." To find it, you need to go to 134 Eldridge Street in the Lower East Side. There you'll find an unmarked door with only an old "AB 134" decal on it. Knock on the door and you'll gain entry.

Why To Go: First off, Attaboy has no drink menu. Instead, their expert bartenders will ask you about your tastes and mix up your very own special creation. The speakeasy-style ambiance and mixologist-concocted cocktails is what keeps New Yorkers coming back. And back. And back. Seriously, expect a wait on most nights, and keep in mind that parties of over six are not accepted.

Attaboy speakeasy barsImage Source: Attaboy Facebook

Featured Image Source: Moss

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