5 Places To Wait Out The Apocalypse

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5 Places To Wait Out The Apocalypse

Safe House (Poland)

Given that you keep it stocked up with lots of supplies, these safe houses in Poland are a great place to wait out the apocalypse. According to KWK Promes, the firm that built these houses, each house is entirely monolithic. In addition to being engineered to perfection in terms of keeping zombies from having any chance at getting in, it is entirely self-sufficient, even to the extent of featuring a diesel generator and wind turbines for constant access to electricity during the apocalypse.

At the hefty price of around $2 million per house, you’ll have to hope that the apocalypse can wait for you to save up your money!

Wiltshire’s Underground City (England)

Wiltshire’s is an entire underground city. It was built in the 50s with the dangers of the Cold War in mind. It’s equipped to sustain about 4,000 people in isolation for three months, spans 35 acres and is 100 feet below the English town of Corsham. None of the facilities were ever actually used and the city was decommissioned in 2004.

Since the supplies were taken away in 2004, you’d need to restock for the apocalypse before settling in. Though we think that Wiltshire’s Underground City is a very strong candidate for a place to wait out the apocalypse, the lack of present supplies and 35 acres of space to keep on lockdown could be problematic.

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Ark Two (Ontario, Canada)

A team of grad students at Cornell University had a question very similar to ours. They wanted to know where the safest place to wait out the zombie apocalypse would be in terms of geography. Their answer—the northern Rocky Mountains and similar isolated places. Ark Two, an over-30-year-old nuclear fallout shelter, is isolated enough to be considered one of the places.

Constructed from 42 school buses by Bruce Beach, Ark Two is located 16 feet below the ground. Within the 42 buses, all the necessary supplies for survival can be found. Ark Two’s do-it-yourself nature makes for one of the more interesting options, but unfortunately it may not be around for much longer. The local fire department cited public safety concerns and ordered that the fallout shelter be closed, but for now Beach has managed to keep it open.

Scotland’s SecretBunker

Scotland’s Secret Bunker is strategically located at the end of a tunnel that starts below an old farmhouse. Like Wiltshire’s, it was built during the Cold War. Much of the original equipment is still in the bunker, which could be useful. Unfortunately, this bunker was constructed first and foremost with a nuclear apocalypse in mind, so it may do a better job at keeping you in than at keeping the ravaging zombies out.

5 Places To Wait Out The Apocalypse

Greenbrier Resort’s Hidden Shelter (West Virginia, United States of America)

Originally built with the intention of being the post-nuclear hide out for congress, this hidden fallout shelter is definitely the ideal place to wait out the zombie apocalypse—zombies probably wouldn’t have the brains to figure out that anything could be hidden beneath the hotel it was built under, it has an emergency broadcast system, and it’s spacious enough. Unfortunately most of the reserves were emptied out when a data storage company started to use the space, but their servers might be useful in some way during your isolation—you’d certainly have enough time to think of something to do with them!

It was agreed, that the five-star hotel that the shelter was built below could serve as a disguise. Until 1992 this hidden shelter was a state secret.

5 Places To Wait Out The Apocalypse