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4 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo

4 Reasons Why You Should Travel Solo


Travel Is Still Fun Alone

Traveling with more than one is fun, but sometimes traveling alone is better! Shared experiences often illicit happy memories of the awesome road trip you took with your bestie or the beautiful, romantic getaway you went on with your partner. These one of a kind moments were surely enjoyed and should always be cherished, but traveling on your own can be just as delightful and even life changing. Traveling solo is not only a different way of experiencing new countries and cultures, but also a new way of experiencing yourself. However, if this is not convincing enough, here are 4 other reasons to pack up and go on a solo mission.

1. The Luxury Of Freedom

When you travel on your own everything that happens on your trip is completely up to you. This type of freedom is quite the luxury — not having to consider your partner's dietary restrictions while choosing a restaurant for dinner or waiting on your best friend to recover from their epic hangover that was induced by the festivities the night before means that you're free to explore the world and a new culture on your own terms. When you’re on your own you set the schedule for the day — you eat when you're hungry, sleep when you're tired and can explore new places on a whim. The possibilities are endless and it gives you the opportunity to be truly present in the moment.

2. To Find Yourself

This may sound very cliché, but everyone in this world is on a life long journey and while on this trek it is important to take the time to cultivate and learn a little something about ourselves. People may come and go, but let's face it you'll have to live with yourself forever, so might as well start getting to know the real you.

Often times if you're traveling with a partner, it's easy enough for both of you to lean on each other and let the other person make a decision for you when you don't have a clear cut opinion on the matter. However, if you're alone, there is no one else around to make a decision for you, you'll need to do it on your own. Taking the reins and steering yourself in the direction that you wish to go can be quite liberating and insightful. You may even be surprised at what you'll discover about yourself!

3. To Make New Friends In Unlikely Places

Just because you're traveling solo doesn’t mean you have to be completely alone the whole time! We humans are quite social creatures after all, but when traveling with a buddy, it can often happen that you'll get absorbed into each other and therefore won’t want to make an effort meet or spend time with people other than yourselves if you don't have to.

When traveling alone you have the opportunity to meet new people from across the globe and embed yourself in a foreign culture — just by being on your own and open for new experiences. It could happen that you may meet a couple of locals to spend the day with or find some fellow globe-trotters who coincidentally would like to take a day trip to the same island as you. The possibilities are endless, but you’ll never know what’s out there until you're on your own to try it.

4. Traveling Alone Isn’t Always Easy — And That's Okay

Traveling alone — as with others, will, of course, come with its ups and downs. On one hand, maybe you get to experience jaw-dropping sights and interesting, foreign cultures on your own time, without the disturbance of another person’s company, but this also means you are forced to completely rely upon yourself when things get tough. You’ll end up learning a great deal about yourself once you're stuck floating down shit’s creek and realize you alone are the one who needs to grab the paddles and row yourself back to the safety of shore.

This will obviously be a bit daunting at first and maybe even scary, but it's important to experience situations like these. It will become liberating to know that even if you’re broke, lost and crying in the streets of an unfamiliar place where you don’t speak the local language — that you still have the inner strength to pick yourself back up or rely on the kindness of strangers if needed. These types of experiences will ultimately fill you with a wealth of self-confidence once you’ve overcome them and persevered. Knowing that you are completely capable of taking control of a situation — even when it seems impossible or too overwhelming to deal with alone — will end up instilling within you a deep sense of pride and assurance that you've made it through a milestone of personal growth.

So get out there! Be sure to explore the world and take the solo vacation of your dreams.

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