10 Things Only Americans Who Have Spent Time In Europe Do

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The minute you read the title of this article, one of your friends came to your mind. You know the one: they studied abroad in a European country, perhaps took a job there. The minute they came back to the US, they made it their mission to remind you of the time they spent abroad. Whether they were gone for one week or one year, you can't help noticing that they've picked up some annoying habits.

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1. Mispronouncing basic words to make it seem like the 3 words they learned in French made them entirely forget the English language.

We get it, you studied art in Paris for one month. But just because you can pronounce croissant doesn't mean that you've suddenly forgotten your mother tongue that you use to communicate every day.

2. Smoking cigarettes that they hand roll themselves.

"It's just so much cheaper to roll your own. You get used to it, I could never go back to cigarettes from a pack," says Brad, pulling out his bag of tobacco that cost him $12 at a specialty store back home in Connecticut.

Bonus: Holding cigarettes between their thumb and pointer finger.

10 Things Only Americans Who Have Spent Time In Europe Do  - 2

image: Comedy Central Twitter

3. Insisting on having not only 1-2 bottles of red wine at lunch, but also on taking 45 minutes to drink one single espresso shot after lunch.

"It's actually super good for you to like, drink alcohol in the middle of the day. We did it every day in Italy between classes, I swear," says Rebecca, on her 4th glass of wine in the middle of a workday.

Bonus: Slipping in a complaint about how bad coffee is at home between sips of espresso.

10 Things Only Americans Who Have Spent Time In Europe Do

image: The Kroll Show, Comedy Central

4. Over-pronouncing words in other languages to the point where you aren't sure what they're talking about.

This is your friend who accompanies you to a Chipotle only to embarrass everyone in the vicinity with their bad pronunciations of "quesadilla" and "frijoles" to the point where even the guy behind the counter is cringing.

5. Forgetting that they can't walk down the street with an alcoholic beverage.

"In Germany, we like, always went to kiosks for alcohol. I swear, some nights we wouldn't even make it to the techno club. We'd just drink a bunch in the street until 9am the next day."

6. Curating a self-described "Eurotrash" wardrobe consisting entirely of black clothing and a pair of Doc Martens they found in a trash can outside a club in Prague.

Extra points if they come back with an asymmetrical hair cut. Or a nose piercing.

7. Dousing all their food in arguably unhealthy amounts of olive oil.

"Butter is super bad for you," Gerald tells you, as he takes a sip from the glass of Spanish olive oil he's literally drinking.

8. Exclusively referring to their own country as "the States" and stop using the word America entirely.

"Literally, no one says America anymore. That's like, such an American thing to say!" explains Jordan, who is wearing cowboy boots.

9. Constantly listening to techno.

Though they don't know the name of the DJ, they never forget to remind you about that time in Berlin that they got into a 4-story techno club in an abandoned warehouse with their kiosk-bought drinks and it was the best night of their life.

10. Consistently referring to 50 autonomous, culturally and linguistically diverse countries, collectively, as "Europe" when explaining something that isn't done in the US.

"Oh, in Europe, we never left to go to the club before 11:30 PM. Oops, I mean 23:30!"

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10 Things Only Americans Who Have Spent Time In Europe Do