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10 Insane Places Around the World You Didn't Know Existed!

10 Insane Places Around the World You Didn't Know Existed!

1. The Fairy Pools – Isle of Skye, Scotland

Located near the village of Carbost on the Isle of Skye, many visitors come to the pools to admire their crystal clear waters. These so-called "Fairy Pools" embody a sense of magic in their unbelievably blue waters. Visitors can hike through the Glen Brittle forest and take a dip in the natural pools if they choose.

2. Rainbow Mountains – China

These insane "rainbow mountains" are part of the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in China, and were formed from a mixture of volcanic rock, colorful sandstone, and various minerals over the course of 24 million years. The layer cake effect of these beautiful mountains make them a bucket list destination for many visitors, and they have been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2010.

3. Maho Beach – Sint Maarten

This Caribbean beach is known not for its pristine white sands or blue waters, but instead, for its close-up views of low-flying planes landing and taking off from the nearby airport. Despite warnings about the danger of standing so close to jet engines, hoards of tourists and visitors flock to the beach to witness this unique—and potentially deadly—experience.

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4. Door to Hell – Turkmenistan

This 230-foot-wide crater in the middle of the desert near the village of Derweze in Turkmenistan may be one of the most terrifying natural destinations in the world. Known also as the 'Gateway to Hell" and "Crater of Fire," this burning gas pit has enticed thousands of visitors to its fiery rim. There are no roads, guided paths, or fences to protect visitors from its edges, so daredevils be warned!

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5. Hillier Lake – Australia

Known also as the "Pink Lake," this beautiful oddity is a bubblegum pink lake on Middle Island, right off the coast of western Australia. Its color excites both tourists and scientists alike, and although its location is isolated and difficult to reach, visitors can marvel at it via helicopters and cruises.

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6. Stairway to Heaven – Hawaii

The Haiku Stairs, or Stairway to Heaven, is considered one of the most beautiful hikes in the world. It is also technically illegal. However, to get to the stairs legally, you can take the Kaulana’ahane Trail, a 4-hour hike along the Kamananui Valley Road Trail that eventually leads to a panoramic viewpoint of the Haiku Valley! The hike is extremely dangerous at the top of the ridge since there is no fencing, so caution is necessary. However, the view is spectacular once you make it to the top.

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7. Waitomo Glowworm Caves – New Zealand

The Waitomo Caves are home to thousands of magical glowworms that sparkle along the ceilings and walls of the caves' dark tunnels. There is a world-famous boat ride that will take you under the starry blanket of glowworms, making this spot one of New Zealand's most iconic attractions.

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8. Plitvice Lake – Croatia

The Plitvice lake is not only one of the oldest and largest national parks in Croatia, but it is also the most popular in the country—and it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site to boot! It's located in the mountainous area of Croatia at the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is most well known for its breathtaking collection of cascading waterfalls.

9. Salar De Uyuni – Bolivia

Believe it or not, Salar De Uyuni—the world's largest salt flat—used to be a prehistoric lake. Its mirror-like surface makes it one of the most surreal-looking places on Earth, and its reflective, otherworldly terrain acts as a stunning canvas for photography!

10. Spotted Lake – Canada

Another alien-looking destination is the "Spotted Lake," located in British Columbia, Canada. The lake's polka dot pattern is caused as the lake evaporates in the summer, revealing circular wells of yellow, blue, and green mineral deposits left behind by the water.

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