420-Friendly Price Drop! Denver Adagio Bud & Breakfast Stays From $99

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Not only is the Adagio Bud and Breakfast a completely unique and 420-friendly place to stay, but the prices available right now are over 70% off the normal rates. The Adagio is a small and intimate place with only so many rooms to offer, so hurry before these low-priced rooms all get booked up! If not, you might have to stay in some shady Denver hotel where you'll have to light incense to cover up the marijuana smell and hope that the fire alarm doesn't go off.


Adagio Bud & Breakfast Denver Timeframe: 6. Feb. 2019 - 30. Apr. 2019

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    How Do I Book My Bud & Breakfast Stay?

    Click on your desired date link below to visit our 420-friendly hotel search tool, where you can adjust your travel dates and number of travelers. For the lowest prices you'll have to book any night between February 6 and 11, but there are similar prices (up to $175) available on many nights through April.

    420-Friendly Price Drop! Denver Adagio Bud & Breakfast Stays From $99 - 2

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    Need To Get To Denver?

    Check out our flight search tool to find a flight for your trip. If you're flying from New York City we've got some pretty great prices for you here.

Why Should I Stay At The Adagio?

The Adagio Bud and Breakfast (4.5/5 On TripAdvisor) is located in a Victorian mansion where rooms are named after classical composers and is located just a short walk away from beautiful downtown Denver, Colorado. That said, you may want have a hard time leaving The Adagio since it's a secure place to smoke and relax with likeminded individuals—though we think throwing a tour of Denver into the mix could be fun.

In line with its name, a delicious wake-n-bake breakfast is included in the price, as are munchies, beer, and wine. The herb is not included, but you shouldn't have any trouble finding that in the mile-high city. Note that this deal is for the 21-plus crowd only.

420-Friendly Price Drop! Denver Adagio Bud & Breakfast Stays From $99

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