Here's How To Stay In The 'Under The Tuscan Sun' Villa

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If you're like my mother, you watched the 2003 romantic comedy "Under the Tuscan Sun" and immediately decided your life goal was to restore a villa in Tuscany. (Or, at the very least, travel to Italy.) While many people developed dreams about this particular journey of self-discovery after watching the movie, chances are pretty slim you'll find yourself in this situation someday soon.

You know what might be a little more doable? You can actually rent the villa that was used as the filming location for "Under the Tuscan Sun." Seriously.

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How To Rent The 'Under The Tuscan Sun' Villa

If you have seen the film, you know the plot revolved around Diane Lane's character's loving restoration of the 17th-century villa. The film aired in 2003, but non-movie magic restoration of the property began in 2006.

Now, the owner offers weeklong rentals of the property. The "Under the Tuscan Sun" villa has 10 bedrooms — each with their own en-suite bathroom — on the estate, split between the main house, farm house, and conservatory. The property sleeps a maximum 20.

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Where Is The Villa From 'Under The Tuscan Sun'?

The breathtaking villa, which was first built in 600 AD, is located near the city of Cortona in Tuscany. While you may think getting to the location may be a trek, the Florence airport is a little over an hour away by car.

Plus, the local area has many activities that are perfect for those looking to "find" themselves in Italy — from highly-rated restaurants and local historic sites to hiking opportunities and wine tastings.

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How Much Does It Cost To Rent The 'Under The Tuscan Sun' Villa?

The price point for a seven-night stay may be a little steep for most people: Depending on your desired rental dates, prices are just under $16,000 for the week. However, divide that number between you and your closest family and friends — all 19 of them — and you'll each pay around $800 per person. (You can, in fact, put a price on a dream.)

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Image Source: Villa Laura


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    How Do I Book This Villa?

    Click on the green booking button to visit TripAdvisor, where you'll be able to choose the dates for your villa stay. There is a seven-night minimum booking requirement and a maximum capacity of 20 people.

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    Find A Flight To Italy

    Even if you don't have the budget for a week-long villa stay, you can still visit the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. Our flight search tool has an excellent flexible search feature that could help you find the perfect flight to Italy.