Resorts Casino Hotel In Atlantic City From $67—Save $200+

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New Yorkers, listen up. We've found highly discounted dates from February to May at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City from a base rate of just $67 a night—an excellent value for an ocean view resort, casino & spa. You are just a two and a half hour bus ride away from heated pools, buzzy restaurants, nightclubs, shopping, and so much entertainment.


Atlantic City Hotel From $67 A Night Timeframe: 7. Feb. 2019 - 31. May. 2019

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    Click the links below to visit our hotel search tool, where you can adjust your travel dates and number of travelers. We found the best rates between February 7 and May 30, 2019. The hotel stays are for midweek rates. Weekend rates go up almost $200.

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    What's The Price?

    The base price for a night at this hotel is $66.80. After taxes and fees of $15.10 this comes to $81.90 ($40.95 per person). You will need to pay a resort fee of $11.40 at the hotel.

    How Do I Get To Atlantic City?

    Live in NYC? Frequent buses are available and take around 2.5 hours.

    Need to get to New Jersey? Check out our flight search tool to find a fantastic deal.

Why Resorts Casino Hotel In Atlantic City?

Two and a half hours out of NYC, Atlantic City is the perfect escape from the city. The 3-star Resorts Casino Hotel has a rating of 4/5 on Tripadvisor with a Certificate of Excellence, and has plenty to do—from walking out onto the boardwalk to checking out the spa, nightclubs, and of course, the casino. It may be slightly smaller in size than the bigger resorts but this just means everywhere you go will be less crowded, an added bonus in our opinion.

Resorts Casino Hotel In Atlantic City From $67—Save $200+ - 2

Resorts Casino Hotel In Atlantic City From $67—Save $200+

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Resorts Casino Hotel In Atlantic City From $67—Save $200+